We have a holistic approach to our diagnosis and treatment. Book online to find the cause of your pain & stop any further injuries.

In Dublin Sports Injury Clinic we find the root of your pain rather than treating the site of your pain & we get you back to your daily activity even stronger.

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Who we are

Dublin Sports Injury Clinic

Dublin Sports Injury Clinic is a physical therapy clinic based in Pearse Street, Dublin2. we specialize in any musculoskeletal or sports injury management, rehabilitation and also injury prevention. Whether you are an elderly person or a high-level athlete with acute or chronic pain (for instance, knee pain or back pain), we aim to heal whatever injury that may have arisen.

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Why Choose Us

In Dublin Sports Injury Clinic we proudly have a holistic approach towards diagnosis and treatment.
We simply help you to get pain free as soon as possible and with our customized treatment and rehabilitation plan you will stay active and feel better after the 1st treatment.
We are proud to have many patients who trusted us and sent their friends and family as a referral to our clinic. You can check our patient's experience in our Google review.
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Great place and great service. Very professional. Bob is very careful and explains all the details of one's injury and the process to health it. Also, he is always available when one has doubts about the routines or the exercises.read more
Alberto Rojas
Alberto Rojas
10:17 14 Nov 18
Stellar care. I had been running for 2 years, and was always plagued with shin splints whenever I tried to get serious and increase distance. Bob took me through gait analysis and devised routine of exercise to improve my gait. He explained clearly where I was going wrong and how to avoid causing more injury. I've now restarted training slowly and the shin splints have been no issue! The whole time Bob has been super informative and positive about my recovery. Thank so much!read more
Judah K Rush
Judah K Rush
08:48 04 Nov 18
Thank you to Mr Bob Firo,man with full of experience,technics,great personality & communication. Helped me with my injured elbow in just 2 visits n arm recovered. Would highly recommend!! ?Arshadread more
M Arshad Kurreembokus
M Arshad Kurreembokus
12:08 15 Oct 18
Extremely professional clinic, I was lucky to get a help from Dublin Sports Injury Clinic when I had a very strong back pain! They not only assess your case, do a treatment, provide recommendations but also tailor a home exercise routine specifically for you to practice every day - it's a long term help and I really appreciate it. Also they coach you along the way of recovery and even introduce you to the gym so you can stay/become active, strengthen your body and enter a pain-free life!read more
Maija Sardiko
Maija Sardiko
08:34 03 Oct 18
My husband refferred me to Bob after he had an excellent treatment/experience at the clinic. I went in with a backache, but after the treatment I felt a whole lot better. He also showed me some exercises I could practise at home in order to strengthen my back muscles and they were very helpul. Now I am pain free and I also have a good knowledge of how to take good care of my back.read more
22:10 02 Oct 18
I 100% recommend Dublin Sports Injury Clinic. I have been doing physiotherapy with Bob for the last few months and I could not be any happier. I had a Latarjet shoulder surgery and in less than 2 months, thank to the physiotherapy with Bob, I have gained at least 80% back of my shoulder movements. I am already back in the gym with exercises that are taught by Bob with all attention and precaution possible, therefor I am getting my strength back and feeling super confident in doing daily tasks already. Bob is an amazing professional, super friendly and really willing to help you to get better as soon as possible. I totally recommend it and no regrets at all. There is nothing better than see progression after a surgery and in my case I could see that happen since day one.read more
Renato Dopp
Renato Dopp
20:06 09 Sep 18
Clinic with great care. Bob performed a perfect service, in addition to helping me in my cervical pain returned the mobility of my shoulders and had the patience to explain myself even if I could hardly communicate in English! Thank you for the opportunity to learn!read more
Ana Paula Lagoas
Ana Paula Lagoas
19:43 17 Aug 18
I went to Bob with a knee injury that I have suffered with a long time! My knee had restricted me in my personal life on nights out or standing at a concert for a long time. As I am a professional wrestler my knee would take a lot of impact on a weekly basis which added to the pain, A few sessions with Bob and consistently working on the exercises provided and following his advice and my knee is brand new! I don't wake up in pain anymore and I am able to wrestle with no fear!! I am completely amazed by this. Bob has worked wonders!Could not recommend Bob enough! An absolute gent to work with, A bundle of knowledge. 10/10 service.read more
Fran Bourke
Fran Bourke
14:45 07 Aug 18


In Dublin Sports Injury Clinic conditions we treated included, but are not limited to the following. If you have a condition that is not listed you could contact our therapist and find out more about it..

How can physical therapy care help you?

In Dublin Sports Injury Clinic, we are keen to help you understand 1st what is your injury and 2nd how long will it takes you to get better.
As part of your treatment, we may use manual therapy and we also prescribe an exercise routine for you to start at home with minimum equipment needed.
We highlight the steps toward recovery and show you do's and don't for a quicker recovery.
Your customized exercise plan will be sent to your phone directly after the session as well as a complete guideline that you may need to follow.
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Frequently asked questions

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  • I have a private medical health insurance, am I covered for Physical Therapy treatment?
    Yes, you are covered. Our treatments are covered by the main medical insurance companies, VHI, Laya, Aviva Health and Glo Health, It’s also covered by medical schemes associated with the ...
  • Do we have an Xray or MRI in our clinic?
    Unfortunately, we do not have any kind of imaging facilities in our clinic.
  • Who benefits from Physical Therapy treatment?
    Treatment helps all patients of all ages to relieve pain and improve movement, allowing your body to function in a pain-free and efficient manner. We find the root of your ...
  • How many treatments I will need?
    Each patient and each condition is different. Based on your assessment we will discuss the expected number of treatments and how you can expect your symptoms to resolve. We will ...
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