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Dublin Sports Injury Clinic is a Physical Therapy clinic based in Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin2. We specialize in any musculoskeletal or sports injury management, rehabilitation, and injury prevention. Whether you are an elderly person or a high-level athlete with acute or chronic pain (for instance, knee pain, back pain, or shoulder pain), we help you to manage your injury/pain and provide you a customized plan for the quickest recovery. Our treatment approach is fundamental to prevent the reoccurrence of injuries or their associated pain.

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    Why Choose Us

    At Dublin Sports Injury Clinic, we proudly have a holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment. We spend an hour for your initial consultation to listen to you and see how your injury affects your life.

    We simply help you to get pain-free as soon as possible, and with our customized treatment and rehabilitation plan, you will stay active and feel better after the 1st treatment.

    We are proud to have many patients who trusted us and sent their friends and family as a referral to our clinic. You can check our patient’s experience in our Google review.


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    I recently had the pleasure of receiving physiotherapy services from Bob, and I am pleased to share my positive experience. Bob not only helped me with my shoulder problem but also provided guidance to improve my overall physical well-being.Bob's expertise and skill in addressing my shoulder issue were impressive. Through a combination of effective therapy techniques and targeted exercises, he successfully alleviated my shoulder pain and restored its range of motion. I appreciated his ability to adapt the treatment to my specific needs, ensuring that I received personalized care.Bob's dedication to my well-being extended beyond the immediate concern. He provided me with a plan to enhance my overall fitness, including exercises to improve strength and flexibility. This guidance was valuable in helping me take steps toward better physical health.Throughout my sessions, Bob displayed professionalism and excellent communication skills. He listened attentively to my concerns, explained the treatment process clearly, and patiently addressed any questions I had. This approach created a comfortable and positive therapeutic environment, enhancing my overall experience.In conclusion, I highly recommend Bob as a physiotherapist. His expertise, personalized care, and commitment to helping me achieve better physical health were evident throughout my treatment. I am grateful for his assistance and support, and I am confident that others seeking quality physiotherapy services will benefit from his exceptional more
    Emil Karacic
    Emil Karacic
    10:47 20 May 23
    I had several sessions with Bob for my hamstring injury.He helped me recover from my injury through an effective training program and by gradually challenging my muscle strength.He also provided me with a diet program to get me back on track.Bob is a professional but also a very good and caring person on a personal level, with whom I had interesting discussions. I recommend him more
    Elmehdi Belgasmi
    Elmehdi Belgasmi
    13:23 02 Apr 23
    I have been visiting Bob for an issue with my knee and having finished the sessions I feel great to have had his contact. Bob not only helped me to recover my knee fast but also helped me to have an overall healthy life style through his curated exercise routine. The best part during each sessions, I liked the most, was his approach to understand the progress and suggesting follow-up routines based on that, which would challenge my body to some extent as well recover my knee.I will definitely recommend Bob for recovery paths from any kind of injury as well as generic physio more
    Rudrakanta Ghosh
    Rudrakanta Ghosh
    11:00 03 Jan 23
    I have been coming in for personal training sessions with Bob since September, and I can only say positive things. With personalised and focused sessions, we have seen amazing improvement, taking quantitative measurements on a monthly basis. Bob is extremely qualified, he adapts the regimen to your needs and above all, he has the best positive attitude every single session. By far, my best personal training experience to date. Thank you for everything! πŸ™‚read more
    Nikki Fleischer
    Nikki Fleischer
    14:04 17 Dec 22
    I highly recommend Bob who is an excellent physio. He accompanied me for a tendinitis of the Achilles heel, and was the only one to find an effective solution. Thanks to him, I was able to improve my condition so that I could play sport again. Bob is a good listener, and offers rehab plans that are easy to follow. He is very competent and a good coach. He is also someone who knows how to encourage and give confidence to heal more
    15:37 14 Dec 22
    I have been having an issue with my lower back over the last 5 years and I've been told that my l4 l5 disc bulge is the cause of the pain. I have done several treatments over the years, dry needling, spinal decompression adjustment, and 20 sessions of chiropractor adjustment and it did some short term relief and pain came back again after a while. Friend of mine who is a chef referred me to Bob in Dublin Sports Injury Clinic. I meet him and he did listen to me and examined my back and explained for me what is the issue that pain hasn't resolves yet. I felt right away he knows what is he talking about and we start my exercise routine right away. I didn't get any massage or treatment as such, it was all on teaching me movements and building up my strength. My lower back has been pain free over the last 8 weeks and my mobility improved. I'm sleeping much better, and I feel stronger. If you are having issue with your back, Bob can definitely help you and I highly recommending him. Thank you again for getting my back sorted. Kevinread more
    kevin Od
    kevin Od
    13:25 09 Oct 22
    I have been a patient of Bob Firo for the past couple of years as a result of some sports injuries. Having lived in different countries and also going to various physios for treatment, I can quite confidently say that Bob is absolutely fantastic and def the best physio I have experienced.His approach to treating me for my sports injuries has been quite different to that I have received in the past and have also been most effective. More importantly, Bob took a lot of time to understand my problem and ensured that I took accountability for my rehab. His attitude towards me as a patient gave me the confidence that he was invested in my recovery.Overall, I highly recommend Bob to anyone who has sports injuries or even normal day to day issues that require a more
    Sid Medappa
    Sid Medappa
    16:21 10 Aug 22

    No matter whether your condition was caused by a sport, work
    accident or otherwise, we welcome the chance to serve you.

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